Ordered to sort out the project at the Ministry of Interior and set up a committee to suppress Hua.

Ministry of Interior 1 prepares to inspect the bidding for various projects of the Interior Ministry and sets up a committee to investigate the matter. Declare whoever is involved will take action according to the law as quickly as possible. Emphasizes that there is no statute of limitations for corruption cases.

Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Gave an interview about the inspection of projects that may be considered auction scams. who is related to Mr. Praveen Chanklai or Kamnan Nok, believes that the case will lead to expansion of results Now the projects must be examined. Everything from the Ministry of Interior that is considered an auction scam. A committee will be set up to deal with this matter. This operation has now begun. But in the government sector, there is a disadvantage that evidence must be included. Can’t use feelings

“This is a challenge. It’s a difficult thing. and need to request information from relevant agencies such as police officers, etc. Currently, major projects Received a lot of complaints Some projects have already protested but are still moving forward with the project. which we will proceed with Confirming that he will try to proceed by finding various evidence. that there is anything incorrect At this time, we have not yet gone into details. But he has a duty to monitor and inspect Ensure that the inspection takes place quickly,” said the Minister of Interior.

As for if there are insiders involved, will there be any expected punishment? Mr. Anutin said that legal action will be taken. Corruption cannot be done alone. Someone must be involved. At the same time, it must be as fair as possible. Anything that is bad requires the use of the law to take decisive action as quickly as possible. There is no statute of limitations for corruption cases.

Source: Thai News Agency