Otto Hungary reiterates its readiness to continue cooperation with Thailand. And willing to transfer knowledge and experience in water management

Today (8 February 2019) 15.45 hrs. HE Mr. Szilveszter Bus, Ambassador of Hungary to Thailand Paid a courtesy call on General Chatchai Sarikalaya, Deputy Prime Minister On the occasion of taking a new position at Command Building 1, Command Building 1, Government House. Summary of the following discussions

The Deputy Prime Minister welcomed the Ambassador of Hungary. Appointed as the Hungarian Ambassador of Thailand Know that the diplomat is well-known and familiar with Asia. And have visited Thailand on many occasions Both sides reaffirmed good relations with each other and confirmed their readiness to increase cooperation among all dimensions.

This opportunity, the Deputy Prime Minister expressed his gratitude to Mr. Petzyarotaya, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary. Which has invited the Deputy Prime Minister to visit Hungary officially To attend the 3rd meeting of the Thai-Hungarian Economic Cooperation Commission (JCEC) by the Hungarian Embassy Knowing that in such a visit, the Deputy Prime Minister will take the faculty to study the work on water and solid waste management. Which Hungary is ready to transfer knowledge and experience to Thailand And is convinced that the Deputy Prime Minister’s visit to Hungary will be a concrete success The Deputy Prime Minister expressed his gratitude to the Ambassador of Hungary. That helps coordinate the preparation of the visit as well

In this regard, the Ambassador of Hungary expressed his understanding of the Thai political situation and saw the development of democratic elections The Deputy Prime Minister expressed his gratitude to Hungary for supporting the Thai role in the European Union. And convinced that the Hungarian Ambassador Will serve as the Ottoman Ambassador of Thailand as well And continue the cooperation between Thailand and Hungary in the future

Source: Royal Thai Government

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