Outstanding Labour Volunteers and Graduates Awareded

Permanent Secretary of Labour M.L. Puntrik Smiti chaired the workshop on improving efficiency of labour services to high-performing labour volunteers and graduates for 2017. She then presented certificates and pins of honour to outstanding labour volunteers and graduates which took place at the Chawalun Resort in Nakhon Pathom. In her speech, she said that the seminar was a chance to exchange experiences and obstacles faced in each local area, between provincial labour offices, office directors, experts, group directors, labour volunteers and graduates, including revision of roles and missions in the Ministry of Labour’s different dimensions. The seminar presented techniques used in the different local areas and the Permanent Secretary took the opportunity to thank all provincial labour offices for helping the works of labour volunteers and labour graduates meet the Ministry of Labour’s goals in terms of employment promotion, skills development, social security foundations and labour protection. This also included driving the ministry’s importance policies including promotion of employment for handicapped and senior workers, managing migrant workers, preventing and eliminating human trafficking and promoting insurers under Section 40 which focuses on the wellbeing of the people. M.L. Puntrik commended the sacrifices made by the selected outstanding labour volunteers and graduates for 2017. She said that the selection and award was proof of voluntary spirit and self-development towards dedication in bettering the peoples’ lives.

Participants of the seminar included representatives from 41 provinces, 76 outstanding labour volunteers and 4 outstanding labour graduates to motivate and exchange information to develop guidelines on the local level and motivate officers and officials to uphold royal teachings.

Mrs. Wannakarn Kawlarp, labour officer from Bueng Kan province congratulated the outstanding labour volunteer from Bueng Kan this year, Khun Chanida Yawai. She said that Khun Chanida had dedicated herself as a labour volunteer since Bueng Kan was a district in Nong Khai until it became its own province, with outstanding works in coordinating with the 5 labour units in spreading information to the local people, promoting employment both domestically and internationally, publicizing migrant worker registrations, spreading awareness on labour protection and human trafficking, promoting skills development and social insurance under Section 40 and professional alleviation projects which are missions by the Office of the Permanent Secretary of Labour and other affiliated units. Mrs. Wannakarn said that Khun Chanida was also a model volunteer selected from the 5 labour units this year. Khun Chanida thanked the Ministry of Labour for the opportunity and expressed her hope for community labour volunteers to be compensated 600 Baht and for 1,000 Baht for subdistrict volunteers as the subdistricts involve more travelling and because the compensation would also be a source of motivation for the volunteers.

Miss Ornnicha Moolkhum, expert on labour from Nan Labour Office (labour volunteer supervisor) revealed that Nan labour volunteer Mr. Prayoor Kaewpun spoke about how happy he was to receive the outstanding award for helping the people. He said he was proud of his achievements and that it was a life experience to receive such honourable award.

Source: Ministry of Labour

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