Participation of More Entrepreneurs and Shops in Rao Chana Scheme

The Cabinet has approved the participation of more entrepreneurs and shops in the “Rao Chana (We Win)” scheme, aimed at helping people affected by the COVID-19 crisis and stimulating the economy.

With the approval, entrepreneurs and shops entitled to participate in the scheme must be traders at Blue Flag shops, or shops under the co-payment scheme.

Others include business operators from the Village Fund or Urban Community Fund and community enterprises, operators of public transport, such as metered taxis, motorcycle taxis, motor tricycle taxis, minibus taxis, and pick-up truck taxi, as well as entrepreneurs for electric train, train, bus, and boat services.

They should register to participate in the scheme from 29 January to 31 March 2021 through the website www.เราชนะ.com and open the “Pao Tang” application with the Krungthai Bank.

The Rao Chana scheme uses a model similar to the co-payment scheme, under which registered persons will be provided with a total of 7,000 baht per person by the Government for a period of two months. The money may be used to buy essential goods from registered shops and services. The registered persons will pay only half the price of their purchases, with the Government subsidizing the other half.

As the Rao Chana scheme is intended to reduce the people’s cost of living, the Government will not subsidize the other half for gold products. It will not give cash to qualified people in this scheme in order to prevent them from spending the money on luxury goods. The scheme is expected to encourage public spending of more than 210.2 billion baht, which will help stimulate the economy.


Source: The Government Public Relations Department

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