People show up to express well wishes to the King

Many Thai people spontaneously don pink shirts on Tuesday to express their well wishes to His Majesty the King.

At Siriraj hospital where the King has been treated by a medical team, several people � many of them wearing pink T-shirts � show up every day since they learned about the King’s condition from the announcement of the Bureau of the Royal Household on Sunday night to pray for their beloved monarch’s quick recovery from illness.

Many people were reported to have asked garment vendors for pink T-shirts.

Elsewhere at provincial halls and district offices, residents show up on Tuesday to express their well wishes to the King.

At the Lumpini park in front of the statue of King Rama VI, over 200 people gathered at about 6 pm before marching and running to Siriraj hospital in a show of loyalty and in expressing their well wishes to the King.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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