Phurua park chief faces disciplinary probe for alleged corruption

A disciplinary committee is to be set up to investigate chief of Phurua national park in Loei province after it was discovered that the 1,300 life weir projects he initiated did not have the approval of the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plants Conservation and 20 million baht in budget had been secured and spent to implement the projects.

The department head, Mr Tunya Netithammakul, said on Wendesday that the government sector’s Anti-Corruption Commission had checked the 1,300 life weir projects, 20 semi-permanent weir projects, construction of fire trenches stretching 110 kilometres long and training of volunteers in natural resources protection and conservation undertaken by Phurua national park administration led by Mr Ronnapob Katchamart, the park chief.

The park received 10 million baht budget annually from the Loei provincial administration for implementation of the projects.

The anti-graft commission has found out that there were grounds to suspect Mr Ronnapob of irregularities in the implementation of the various projects in Phurua national park.

As a result of the commission’s investigation, Mr Tunya said he had ordered a disciplinary committee to be formed to probe Mr Ronnapob for suspected irregularities.

He added that the Phurua park chief would be investigated on two issues � firstly, construction of the life weir projects did not have the consent of the department and later on the projects were scrapped, but where was the 10 million baht per annum funding for the projects and, secondly, false report from the park chief regarding the projects.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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