PM calls for a stop of shaming those who do not don black

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha appealed to all Thais not to shame or witch-hunt those who do not don black during the mourning period, saying that they may not be able to afford buying black clothes as the prices are rather high.

Do not treat those who do not don black as not loving the King otherwise we will get into a fight. Enough. Today there are no (political) colours, except the colour of loyalty. (I) believe that all come with their hearts. If they are not ready (with black attire), wouldn’t it be better for us to help them, said the prime minister.

He added that those who could not afford black clothes because they are too expensive, just wearing a black ribbon should suffice but they should also refrain from wearing brightly-coloured clothes.

The government has tried to help those who cannot afford black clothes by teaching them how to dye black clothes whereas the Ministry Commerce will organize a grand sale of black clothes at fire-sale prices.

As for entertainment activities which are prohibited during the first 30-day mourning period since October 14, the prime minister said Culture Ministry and the Tourism and Sports Ministry are considering whether the restriction can be eased in order not to cause too much troubles for businesses.

He indicated that activities such as conference, a wedding party, thod kathin ceremony, Loy Krathong and charity events should be exempted from the bank provided that they are done in an appropriate manner.

The prime minister also called on netizens to exercise caution in their sharing of images or messaged in the social media which may be deemed as defamatory to the Monarchy or a national security threat.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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