PM Commends MOL on Proposing “System to Receive Reports and Monitor Benefits of Thai Workers Travelling Abroad”

The Permanent Secretary of Labour participated in the National Strategy in Action: Integrated Implementation for the THAIS seminar. The session proposed a system to receive reports and monitor the benefits of Thai workers traveling abroad to the Prime Minister.
                        Today (September 28, 2020) at 13.30 hours, Permanent Secretary of Labour Mr. Suthi Sukosol and Assistant to the Permanent Secretary of Labour, Ms. Pattraporn Samatrat, participated in the seminar for government personnel in designing the National Strategy in Action: Integrated Implementation for THAIS seminar, chaired by Prime Minister and Defense Minister General Prayut Chan-ocha, at the Santimaitree Building, Government Houses. Mr. Suthi presented a system for reports and tracking benefits of Thai workers traveling abroad to the Prime Minister. It is part of the policy related to Digital Transformation of Public Service, the 20-year national strategy in the sixth dimension, balancing and developing public administration service, the public administration national reform plan in the first dimension, to make government services convenient, quick, and responsive to people’s lives. The seminar also discussed the five-year digital action plan of the Office of the Permanent Secretary of Labour on digital innovation development to meet the needs of Thai workers abroad to monitor and protect workers and their families’ rights.
                        There are approximately 400,000 Thai workers overseas, with 6,000 requests for benefits each year, such as tax refunds, employment insurance, retirement pension, and death benefit compensation. The current paper-based process’s problems include delayed considerations, as it is the transfer of documents between the departments and the embassy mailbags. As a result, the Thai workers cannot follow up on the progress, causing a lack of confidence in the Ministry of Labour’s service. Furthermore, the evidence is incomplete due to the variety of documents used in applying for each type of rights in each country. The new system’s strengths will reduce the operating time by at least 50 percent, from the original 3-6 months to 1-2 months. It will provide convenient and fast government services to the public. By applying technology instead of paper transmission according to the Thailand 4.0 policy, applicants can track the status of movement immediately via QR Code without contacting the staff. Document storage and the transfer will take the form of e-Documents as well.
                        As for the Ministry of Labour, the Prime Minister places great emphasis on taking care of Thai workers, both domestically and overseas, including foreign workers working in Thailand. He also emphasizes that the Ministry of Labour fully monitors the benefits of Thai workers abroad, accurately and quickly, according to the set objectives.


Source: Ministry of Labour

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