PM reaffirms universal healthcare scheme to stay

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha on Tuesday reiterated that his government has no intention whatsoever to scrap the universal healthcare programme and urged the media to spread his words around so that the people will understand and will not be confused.

He said he had said many times before that the programme would not be scrapped, but complained that there were some elements who kept spreading lies to sow confusion or distorting the truth about the programme.

Instead of dumping the programme as alleged, the prime minister said the government was trying to increase the average healthcare spending per head to more than 3,100 baht per annum. Although the increased amount is not significant, it would be a bit bigger, he added.

The prime minister stressed that the government had no intention to squeeze any more money from the people for the healthcare programme, but was trying to make sure that every taxpayers’ money allocated for the healthcare scehme was wisely spent to utmost benefit of the people.

He went on saying that his government was trying to resolve the problem of accessing to expensive drugs by means of promoting local industries to produce the expensive drugs so that they could be made available to patients at much lower prices.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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