pointing to the period when “BTS” disappeared affecting the expansion of K-pop

Bang Si-hyuk, president of Hybe (HYBE), South Korea’s major entertainment conglomerate and the home of the world-famous K-pop idol group BTS. said today that the members of the BTS band Having to serve in the military contributed to the expansion of K-pop. in the world must slow down

BTS has never been known as the most influential South Korean cultural phenomenon in the world. Tickets to concerts in stadiums around the world It sold out in no time and the song took the top spot in overseas music rankings. Which has made a huge income to the South Korean economy and has a fan base that calls themselves ARMY. But all healthy South Korean men must serve at least 18 months in the military. Should BTS members be exempt or not, but Jin, the group’s oldest member, finally enlisted in the military in December. The popularity and album sales are now starting to slow for K-pop artists. Disappearance is the first reason. He believes that BTS not joining the group at this time was a major factor in the change in numbers. He stated that BTS is a K-pop artist Most notably all over the world and the market shrunk significantly as BTS disappeared.

Bang made the comments after a few days ago. He suspended plans to acquire rival firm SM Entertainment. he was accused of Tries to take over hostile businesses and tries to monopolize the K-pop business, but refuses

Hibe announced last month that J-Hope, the second BTS member, has begun the legal enlistment process. While local media reported that He will begin enlisting in April. Some K-pop stars struggle to resume their careers after completing their mandatory military service. Bang said he thinks it’s true that going into the military means continuity in a career or a value as a person. National property will be damaged.

Source: Thai News Agency

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