“PolGen. Adul” Reveals Position after Thailand’s Drop from Yellow Card Status; Confirms Continued Drive on Fishing Worker Protection

The Labour Minister spoke about the position of the Ministry of Labour after Thailand was dropped from being yellow carded from the EU. The ministry intends to integrate all sectors, systematically enforce laws to manage workers in fishing and foreign workers, with measures to receive complaints and enforce laws.

On January 10, 2019, at the meeting room on the 6th floor of the Ministry of Labour, Labour Minister, H.E. Police General Adul Sangsingkeo spoke about the Ministry of Labour’s position after the EU announced that Thailand was dropped from being yellow carded for IUU or illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing. He said that being dropped from the yellow carded category was beneficial for Thailand, and was a result of the government’s work under leadership of Prime Minister General Prayuth Chan-ocha who has integrated all relevant departments, such as the Department of Fisheries, the Marine Department, the Royal Thai Navy, police, the Ministry of Labour and the Department of Medical Services, under the supervision of Deputy Prime Minister And the Minister of Defense Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, and Deputy Prime Minister Gen. Chatchai Sarikulya.

Pol.Gen. Adul said that issue arose from the lack of control and reporting over fishing for a long time and slavery of foreign workers which caused the EU to give a yellow card to Thailand since 2015. Regarding solutions, the Ministry of Labour is involved in the enforcement of labour laws regarding the age of workers in fishing, rest while working, fair wages, access to welfare in both social security and health insurance. It also involved law improvement to the Working of Alien Act to collect money from foreign workers entering Thailand, increasing the efficiency of control by allowing the Navy to host the operations of the PIPO Center by integrating services with relevant agencies to inspect fishing permissions.

The Ministry of Labour has increased staff inspecting workers and has arranged for interpreters to communicate with workers, adding a complaint channel via the 1506 hotline, as a center for foreign workers who are not treated fairly. The ministry has also organized foreign workers who have not yet proven their nationality and issued work permits, which it has already processed 1.2 million people, resulting in a more systematic control of foreign workers. There were more than 170,000 workers who have had their iris scanned, the Labour Protection Act was enacted, the P29 convention was ratified, and most recently, the ministry is preparing to ratify ILO Convention 188 which focuses on health and safety, and for workers in vessels to be in the social security system.

The Ministry of Labour continues to strive to integrate with all sectors, including the legalization of fishery management systems systematically, the organization of foreign workers and further measures for receiving complaints and enforcing laws, concluded Pol.Gen. Adul.

Source: Ministry of Labour

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