Police charged uploader of Ahok’s controversial video with incitement

As the Indonesian National Police has intensified their investigation into blasphemy allegations against Jakarta Governor Basuki Ahok Tjahaja Purnama, several individuals who were at the forefront in demanding his prosecution are now facing legal charges, The Jakarta Post online reported on Friday.

Buni Yani whose video footage containing incomplete transcription of Ahok’s controversial citation of a Quranic verse that went viral and led to demand of the governor’s prosecution was, on Wednesday night, charged by the police with incitement under Article 28 of the 2008 Electronic Information and Transactions Law on hate speech, which carries a maximum of six years’ imprisonment.

In the video which was uploaded on Buni’s Facebook page, Ahok said: Don’t believe those people. It is possible that deep in (your) heart, you cannot vote for me. (You are) deceived (by other people) using Al-Maidah 51.

But the caption for the video, Buni quoted Ahok as saying: (you are) deceived by Al-Maidah 51. Buni has admitted that he inadvertently omitted the missing words.

Police, on Thursday, said they would not detain Buni, but he was barred from travelling abroad. The police made the same decision with Ahok.

Police also have confiscated Buni’s cellphone and taken over the access to his two email accounts and his Facebook account.

Buni’s lawyer Aldwin Rahadian said his client did not edit Ahok’s remarks and he was not the first to upload a video of Ahok’s speech in Thousand Islands.

Also on Thursday, police began investigation into a defamation case involving musician Ahmad Dhani who is accused of insulting President Joko Jokowi Widodo when he took part in the massive anti-Ahok rally on November 4.

Islam Defenders Front leader Rizieg Shihab and artist Rama Sarumpaet have been summoned by police as witnesses in the case.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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