Police commander believes it is not a conflict with Big Police in the organization

Police Commander insists on fairness. I believe it is not a big police conflict in the organization. Please wait for clarity: "Big Joke" is involved with the gambling website or not.Police General Damrongsak Kittipraphat The Commander-in-Chief of the R...

Police Commander insists on fairness. I believe it is not a big police conflict in the organization. Please wait for clarity: “Big Joke” is involved with the gambling website or not.

Police General Damrongsak Kittipraphat The Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Police (Commander-in-Chief) gave an interview regarding the case of the cyber police using a warrant to search a residence. Pol. Gen. Surachet Hakphan, Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police Involved in online gambling How has the Prime Minister given any clarification on this matter? He has not yet given any clarification. But there was an initial report to the Prime Minister first. Because you are on a mission As for setting up a committee to investigate the matter. Pol. Gen. Damrongsak said he knew the basics. But we have to wait for the Prime Minister’s policy one more time.

As for whether or not the police officers involved must be suspended from their duties first, the Police Commander stated that he must wait to see the results of the Metropolitan Police Bureau’s investigation and what the reports are.

When asked if this matter had quite an impact on the Royal Thai Police. What will be the guidelines for action? The Police Commander said that this is a matter that the Prime Minister gives importance to. As stated in the interview, we will be fair to all parties. This matter is due to the expansion of results. From the Police Technology Crime Investigation (S.T.I.) 2 months ago and expanded results, a total of 23 arrest warrants were issued at the court, 8 police warrants and 15 civilian warrants. Today it was an arrest and search according to an arrest warrant. As for his details, he will leave them to those who know the best. When all points have been searched there will be another announcement.

In such cases, there is a connection With Pol. Lt. Col. Wasawat Mukrasakul or Inspector Sua or the “Mek Rama” network, Pol. Gen. Damrongsak stated that he had not yet heard this. But it is about Minnie, the owner of a large gambling website. We haven’t seen the clip of Pol. Gen. Surachet attending the party with Minnie and Attorney Tum, Mr. Sitra Biabangkerd, because it was in the morning. He was in a meeting with the Prime Minister. Is it wrong to attend an event like this in private or not? Pol. Gen. Damrongsak said that this matter must be fair. This matter requires investigation. And this is a big deal. There must be a clear examination of every matter. To what extent, according to the information from the investigation department?

As for the raid on the house Pol.Gen.Surachet This morning (September 25), is it related to the selection of a new police commander on September 27? Pol. Gen. Damrongsak stated that he personally thinks it is not relevant. Because it is a work of expanding results. And this matter is not yet about Pol.Gen.Surachet But it may be about your subordinates who must be fair to all parties.

When asked if this was a conflict in the police organization between the two large police officers or not. Police commander stated that I believe it is not. It is only a matter of who the evidence reaches. There was an initial case and it was investigated.

As for society viewing this case as an amputation of a leg, even though it was played with such force, the Police Commander said that everything was according to the evidence, such as the death of Superintendent Bem, Pol.Col.W. Chira Yaothaisong, Superintendent 2, Highway Police Division At first there was news that it was a murder. He went to check it himself, inquired from Provincial Police Region 1 Headquarters and evidence, which was not but a suicide. Everything is based on facts. police on the job Who will be at fault and who will be spared? Who will give false testimony? It is according to every fact. and according to the law Let the investigating officer collect evidence. I don’t want to speak first.

When asked again whether society views it as a conflict between the police chiefs or not, the Police Commander said that he would like to clarify the facts. There are facts to this story. Today we went to search many places. And I would like to summarize in the afternoon what the details are. Please report back to yourself first. The investigator in this case is responsible for the Metropolitan Administration. It must be seen whether there will be a need to set up an investigative working group at the police level or not because there are many connections with the accused at many points. If there is an offer, he will consider it quickly.

As for the police who issued arrest warrants for all 8 people, how high is the financial route? Police commander stated that This matter has not been clearly reported.

However, if the girl’s evidence reaches Pol. Gen. Surachet Whether there must be an investigation into this matter or not, the Police Commander said that he does not yet have the facts to that extent. Please receive a clear report first. We received the report this morning and we are still not sure who this house belongs to. Just want to arrest the person according to the arrest warrant. Whose house is this? I still don’t know. which he reported this morning that there had been a search The search is carried out according to the work site. There is a letter requesting permission. which must be checked Facts about the team leader

Police commander confirms that he has not yet talked with Pol.Gen.Surachet Due to a mission And there is still no need for an order to transfer Pol. Gen. Surachet to help the government. at the Royal Thai Police Headquarters Please allow me to check carefully first. Because today he has been busy since morning.

Pol. Gen. Damrongsak did not answer questions. How do you feel near retirement but still have many problems? As for whether or not the matter must be finished before retirement on September 30, he said it probably wouldn’t be that much.

Do you feel overwhelmed? Because the case involved a big police officer, the Police Commander said, “Every case has its troubling qualities.”

When repeatedly asked whether the Police Commander would investigate fully or not Police General Damrongsak said that fairness must be given to all parties. Ready to emphasize that he will not help anyone. But will be fair to all parties. And he still hasn’t talked with the Prime Minister. Because you hurried back first.

When asked whether online gambling websites have been involved with police officers many times. Will this time be taken seriously? Police General Damrongsak He didn’t answer the question and immediately returned. However, reporters reported that Before the police chief gives an interview When seeing the media waiting in front of the dining room in the Santi Maitri building inside He retreated to take control in the room and talked with Pol. Maj. Gen. Achayon Kraithong, spokesman for the Royal Thai Police Before coming out to give an interview.

Source: Thai News Agency