Poll urges using Section 44 to resolve chronic traffic problems

Lack of traffic disciplines of the Thai people is the major cause of the chronic traffic problem. But this could be resolved if Section 44 of the interim constitution is invoked to punish all involved in order to inculcate traffic disciplines in them.

This was what Super Poll found when it interviewed 1,195 samples during September 13- 16 on chronic traffic problems in the city.

According to the finding of Thai Researchers in Community Happiness, a network of Super Poll, 96.5% said traffic problems were caused by lack of traffic disciplines, particularly queue jumping, overtaking.

However 92.9% also viewed traffic problem was caused by the driving habit of drivers who will observe the rules of road only when traffic police are insight.

But 92.9% said traffic problems were caused by drivers playing Line application, smoking, and using mobile phones while driving.

On the question of invoking Section 44 to deal with traffic violation, 50.09% agreed, reasoning this will help to bring traffic disciplines to the roads, and pressure them to show more respect to traffic rules.

But they suggested that this has to be implemented along with tougher measures to penalize all road users, drivers, pedestrians, state officials, state agencies, and their executives.

However 49.1% disagreed, as they didn’t trust this could resolve the chronic traffic problems but could even encourage more traffic violations.

They reasoned that Section 44 could not settle all problems.

Super Poll also revealed that 72.7% of people polled agreed to increase fine for traffic violation so that all the money could be spent to resolve traffic problems and increase road safety.

But 27.3% disagree with the idea.

Traffic policemen received the most sympathy or 53.8% of people when asked with the traffic congestion problem.

Others are traffic volunteers, 31.2%.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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