Prime Minister attended the activity Before the cabinet meeting, consisting of a prototype “mobile air pollution removal system Chinese opera exhibition And Thai children can speak English

Today (5 February 2019) at 08.30 hrs. At the ground floor of Command Building 1, Government House. Before joining the cabinet meeting General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister, visited the exhibition consisting of a prototype machine “Mobile air pollution removal system” by the Ministry of Industry. And co-publicize the Chinese opera exhibition By the Ministry of Culture And visit the exhibition of the Ministry of Education Thai for English children ( English for ALL) , details as follows:

Ministry of Industry Exhibit prototype machine “Mobile air pollution removal system”With Mr. Somchai Hanhiran, Deputy Minister of Industry, showing the prototype “Mobile air pollution elimination system”, a Wet Scrubber type with a wet air purification system. Injection of fine bubble water together with ball media with fiber filter to absorb water and dust. Which helps to reduce PM2.5 dust, helping to reduce dust density Helps reduce general dust from construction And helps reduce diesel exhaust from incomplete combustion on the road To have better air quality By prototype machine “Mobile Air Pollution Elimination System” was launched on 28 January 2019 and installed a demonstration at Rama VI Road in front of the Ministry of Industry.

Chinese opera exhibition Continuing the Thai-Chinese folk performing arts By the Ministry of CultureTogether with the Chinese Opera Association and the private sector Organized a campaign for the Chinese opera exhibition to preserve Thai-Chinese folk art Due to the Chinese New Year Festival, 2019, which is the New Year’s Day of Chinese descent

Ministry of Education Thai Children Speaking English Program ( English for ALL) in the academic year 2018, the Academic and Educational Standards Institute Implementing the English for all program in elementary schools in kindergarten, year 1 to grade 3, extending the project to primary schools Under the Office of the Basic Education Commission with 1 experimental school in 4 regions in the academic year 2019, will expand 20 schools in each region Which is consistent with the 1 Tambon 1 Project of the Government Quality School To develop to be a quality school in the field of English language teaching and learning for further communication

Source: Royal Thai Government

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