Prime Minister attended the Children’s Day For children, officials of the agency within the Government House Let children grow with stability.

Prime Minister attended the Children’s Day For children, officials of the agency within the Government House Let children grow with stability.

Today (11 January 2018) at 16.30 hrs. At the lawn area In front of Thai Khu Fah Building Government House Have organized activities for children, officials of the authorities within the Government House On the National Children’s Day of the Year 2019 which is organized annually For the children Was given the opportunity to visit the children’s day before the first set Because on the National Children’s Day Those who are government officials And the staff attached to the mission to take care of the National Children’s Day activities, where children go up to visit the office of the Prime Minister And taking pictures with the Prime Minister, including the Prime Minister’s seat with

this opportunity. General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister and General Vilas Arunsri, Secretary General of the Prime Minister Have come to meet with children at the grass field in front of Thai Khu Fah Building With a prize for children Which is a descendant of civil servants And the staff of the Government House, with fun. All children will receive a bag inside, containing dolls, notebooks, pencils and many different toys.

Then the Prime Minister gave a speech that Parents are an important part in caring for children and youth in society. Ask children to learn to Thailand 4.0. Today is a children’s day event for children, government officials, Government House. Which he gives importance to everyone Because everyone is an army Feeling glad to see the smiles of the children because the children are adults next day. And is the future of Thailand We must teach the principles, ideas and methods that are correct. Let everyone grow and build themselves to be stable.

The Prime Minister continued that The parents of the children must build themselves up to be a civil servant from a small level, medium level and up gradation. That is the culture of the Thai people Both in reconciliation Reconciliation Forgive each other And respect the law Which these are the basis of our society today Ready to say On Children’s Day this year, nothing will be given. The gift that is drawn is a small matter. But encouraging parents to have physical strength Have successfully raised children As expected and intended Including finding time to do activities together in the family May play sports, exercise, take dogs to walk, etc.

In this regard, the Prime Minister posted a picture of the children on the occasion of the Children’s Day via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Write a message stating that “Tomorrow, children day, grandchildren, don’t forget to visit Children’s Day 2562 at the palace. Come to see the office of the Prime Minister Let’s take a chair of the Prime Minister. Will inspire everyone who has a dream Intention to work for the country and people. In addition, there will be activities. Strengthen many knowledge And many giveaways. “

Source: Royal Thai Government

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