Prime Minister Boi Board meeting Focus on income distribution and increase investment opportunities in the region.

The Prime Minister is the chairman of the BOI Board of Directors meeting approved 2 special measures to link income distribution Regional development And increase investment opportunities across the country Focus on investment in the rail system industry Distribution of logistics system development To the region and create a new tourist attraction

Today (11 January 2019) at 09.30 hrs. At the Bhakdi Bodin Building Government House General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister, is the Chairman of the Board of Investment Promotion. (BOI Board) No. 1/2562 After the meeting, Ms. Duangjai Asawachintachit Secretary-General of the Board of Investment (BOI) disclosed the results of the meeting The following summary

The Prime Minister reiterated in the meeting. Let the Ministry of Finance help see tax measures To motivate the private sector And asked the Ministry of Industry to prepare for various standards Including the supervision of waste disposal within the industry, both Especially waste water and garbage problems in accordance with the law. At the same time, the government gives importance to promoting green economy, including palm, rubber, cassava, sugarcane, coconut which is the main economic crop of the country

The Prime Minister presides over the meeting of the Board of Investment. Today, there are two important measures:Measures to promote investment in the rail system industry and related industries And policies to promote investment in the tourism industry To promote income distribution and create investment opportunities in the region Focus on building links and technology and innovation to local tourism as follows.

The meeting therefore agreed to improve the type of rail development industry and related industries by focusing on the production of parts or equipment for the rail system that is an important part. And the production of parts and / or support systems needed, such as the production of main structures, passenger cars, control rooms, and bogie equipment, brake systems and / or key parts Electrical system and power supply system Control system and signaling system Rails and rail parts, etc. including engineering design With special measures to accelerate the investment in the rail industry and related industries in order to be in line with the government’s rail transit system plan in the future The business applying for investment promotion by December 30, 2021 will receive 50% corporate income tax reduction for a period of 3-5 years from the end of the corporate income tax exemption scheme. Which is an additional benefit from the normal criteria

In addition, the committee agreed to improve the type of tourism business that is currently promoted. Including opening for promotion of new types of businesses as follows:

1. Improve, modify or expand the scope of business types, including the conditions of the original investment promotion, such as museum operations. To promote museum operations in a variety of ways Including museums in various secondary cities

2. Add business types such as large tourist port businesses (CRUISE TERMINAL) to support the development of basic utilities to support water travel Especially the large tourist boat (CRUISE) and the business of creating large quality tourist attractions To support the creation of new creative tourism destinations Large Get the standard for attracting tourists

At the end, the Prime Minister urged For all agencies to follow reports about economic growth Appearing in the sympathetic stream Which contains both true and false information Ask all departments Expedite clarification in order to create awareness and allow people to receive accurate information as well.

Source: Royal Thai Government

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