Prime Minister concerned about public health Allowing schools in Bangkok to stop studying for 2 days, accelerate dust reduction operations Build public confidence

Today (Wednesday 30 Jan 62) at 11.45 hrs. At the Government House, Mr. Puttipong Punnakan, Deputy Secretary-General, Prime Minister for Political Affairs Acting spokesman for the Office of the Prime Minister revealed that General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister, had a great deal of concern about the problem of dust charges exceeding the standard. Especially to affect the health of students, the elderly and patients with respiratory diseases By allowing the Ministry of Education to stop school in the Bangkok area from Thursday 31 January – Friday 1 February 62, both schools under OBEC, vocational education and private schools In the schools under the jurisdiction of Bangkok The Governor of Bangkok has ordered to stop at 12.00 hrs on this day. For the university, the president will consider as appropriate. While the metropolitan provinces allow the provincial governor to consider announcing a special control area in accordance with the rules Which may close the school Reduce burning in the open air Continue to check the quality of the factory

“During the weekends, there will be an assessment of the situation. Will the school stop announce again? During the school holidays 2 – 3 days, the relevant authorities will use the opportunity to reduce the amount of dust according to intensive measures such as black smoke detection. Injecting water droplets from high-rise buildings, clearing roads, operating rain, etc. “to make the situation better quickly,”

the Prime Minister’s spokesman said. The Prime Minister did not want the public brothers to panic. By confirming that the government will do everything for the best as planned For the O-NET exam calendar of grade 6 and grade 3 students, there will be no postponement. At this time, the Ministry of Education has assigned schools to provide compensation. Arrange additional tutoring Or online tutoring already In order not to affect students’ exams

The spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office said Dust problems are continuously accumulated problems. The solution therefore requires cooperation from all sectors. People must cooperate with the government to help solve problems. By helping to see if the car has black smoke Or actions that cause air pollution Help each other to shoot clips and share information sent to the government In order to proceed

For the construction of the government work site The spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office said The Prime Minister ordered the relevant agencies to survey and find preventive and care measures. Including strictly enforcing laws to control But has not ordered to stop the operation Because it will affect the construction period

Source: Royal Thai Government

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