Prime Minister examines the readiness And demonstration of disaster relief In the practice of integrated disaster prevention and mitigation for the year 2019, in collaboration with the military, the army and the people, volunteers

Today (14 February 2019) at 14.00 hrs. At the Special Battle Brigade No. 1, Muang District, Lopburi Lopburi Province General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister, along with General Anuphong Phaochinda, Minister of Interior And all 77 provincial governors, examining the readiness and demonstration of disaster relief in the integrated disaster prevention and mitigation practice of the year 2019 together with the military, the army and the volunteer people. Solving crisis situations and various disasters has adopted the King’s guidelines. Come to set training Integrated Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Between 9 – 21 February 2562 in the area of Lopburi Province To develop human resource potential Co-command And effective long-term operational planning And the highest efficiency in all areas throughout the country By aiming for the experience from training to be used in various operations to minimize losses People get the quickest help. According to His Majesty’s wishes Who wants the people to be happy Affected by the least public disaster

This opportunity, the Prime Minister, along with the faculty, watch the examination of readiness Motor show And disaster relief aircraft, including water rescue Rescue of buildings crashes Chemical Rescue And hazardous materials Fire extinguishing by special equipment Demonstration of PM 2. 5 and visit the commander system Which during the examination of readiness The Prime Minister said to one of the participants and demonstrators that Every unit must practice in their own area. And practice together Ready to encourage everyone who came together today This practice is a good example. That will be used as a scheme for all provinces And thank you Tell the participants to smile, because everyone is strong. The thing that is done is to do good with the heart. As a leader, the government will continue to maintain these things further. And must be continuously developed for people, volunteers Wish to smile If asked if it is hot, then I must say that it doesn’t feel hot. Smile when the danger comes We have to smile.

The Prime Minister continued that Today is ready and well prepared. Makes you feel confident, so before anything happens We must have our readiness first. In the tool section The government is ready to support Which many gradually And today is considered a combination of people and tools Which the government will bring this matter together By the government having the duty of

At the same time, the Prime Minister greeted the group of doctors and nurses that they were ready with 3 doctors, nurses. If someone asked if there were civilian police officers, why is this the answer? Which people are the core of the country If everyone understands their role Each role is the best Nothing can weaken our country. Everyone must stand firmly in the mind. That we must be the refuge of people in every opportunity And doing this day was done for the king and all people We all have to act Thai people. Because people are the core of the country If everyone understands their role in each function And make the best, nothing to make our country unstable Wish everyone happy healthy No matter what the function, position or position, we can do every duty with dignity. Which proves from the past actions Present and future We must be strong in every dimension. Don’t let anyone come to destroy.

By the Prime Minister I hope that every part of the King will lead the King’s schemes as a guideline for concrete action. In particular, the event commander must strengthen And the determination of the roles of the people, volunteer minds, volunteers, 904 and the people of the volunteer spirit In accordance with the guidelines of the Volunteer Spirit Project, “We do good by heart” to participate in the performance of various events, which is considered a new step in Thai society in integrating the potential of all sectors and people. And wish everyone to be proud of the important opportunity in life to participate in the introduction of Phra Rachathai together to practice in order to help the humanitarian thread in the affected areas effectively in response to His Majesty’s grace His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej wishes to have every Thai citizen live a happy life. Affected by the least public disaster And received immediate help

Before traveling back The Prime Minister inquired about the participants of the demonstration and training in the rain that had fallen hard. The Prime Minister returned to Bangkok

Source: Royal Thai Government

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