Prime Minister planted mangrove forests in the project “Increase and expand mangrove forest species” to prevent sea water erosion in Bang Khun Thian coast.

Today (13 February 2019) at 15.45 hrs. Bangkhuntien District, Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister and Faculty Join mangrove planting in the project. “Increase and expand mangrove forests” in order to prevent sea water erosion in Bangkhuntien coast. This opportunity, the Prime Minister travels by boat to Chao Mae Si Nil Pier. Along the Khlong Sri Kum canal route Along the two sides, the mangrove forest is a complete habitat of various aquatic animals.

Then the Prime Minister rode a bicycle to the viewpoint. To participate in activities “Increasing and expanding mangrove trees” by shooting grains with wood prongs into mangrove forests and planting mangroves. As well as listening to reports on the use of asbestos substitutes for bamboo-based pipes that are designed to prevent erosion of the coast. Damage from the impact of recent storms And the structural engineering approach of planning for long-term coastal erosion prevention planning Which the Prime Minister said to officials and people in the area that Please help to maintain the natural environment. In order to continue to promote as a tourist attraction near Bangkok People can travel to relax easily.

For conservation and development of mangrove forests Bang Khun Thian area Which is the only area of Bangkok that has the sea in the past, has a fertile coastline But due to the invasion and the influence of wind waves causing severe coastal erosion crisis At present, the royal initiative has been implemented in the conservation and development of mangrove forests. “Planting forests in the minds of people according to the King’s sciences” in His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej Boromart Bophit by planting mangrove forests to restore the ecological balance. Solve coastal erosion problems As well as encouraging such areas to be another eco-tourism destination in Bangkok

Source: Royal Thai Government

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