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Today (18 February 2019) at 09.00 hrs. Before the Cabinet meeting at the Command Building 1, Government House, General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister, visited the Community Moral Public Relations Campaign Leading the philosophy of sufficiency economy Driven by power Organized by the Ministry of Culture

Moral Community Project, leading the philosophy of sufficiency economy Driven by power In order to create good people, good society, morality, leading development By using the cultural dimension to create understanding, access and develop the integration of all sectors With the power of the bureaucratic mechanism (houses – communities / temples – religious temples / schools – government) and civil state mechanisms According to government policy To aim for Thai society to be “Moral society that is stable, prosperous, sustainable” to everyone, every family, every community, every organization and every department has morality. Respect respect for national institutions Religion and King With three important goals: living according to the religious principles that they respect Leading the philosophy of sufficiency economy Living according to Thai culture Can bring cultural capital to create economic value At present, there are income generation from cultural products (CPOT) and further development as a learning resource. Cultural attractions welcome tourists around the world. At present, there is a moral community network. Nationwide over 22,

Mr. Weeraroj Potjanarat Minister of Culture Lead the community of moral master Meet the Prime Minister To publicize the moral community project Adopt the philosophy of sufficiency economy, driven by the power of 5 communities, namely 1) community, museum house Udon Thani Province 2) Moral Community, Wat Phu Takhian, Kanchanaburi Province 3) Bang Sa Kao Community Chanthaburi Province 4) Ban Dong Klang Community Phichit Province and 5) Ban Thung Chumphon Community Phatthalung Province

This opportunity, the Prime Minister walked to see the cultural products of the community, such as bags from woven fabrics. Bag from the reed mat, ceramic set, home decoration Ready to say These products are bringing cultural identities to increase income for the community. Demonstrates the power of community integration By having to consider the needs of the market and develop the model to be modern Practical use, with the constant benefits of traditional local identity that combines modernity Harmoniously Which is based on the sufficiency economy which leads to the strength of the community sustainably

Source: Royal Thai Government

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