Prime Minister visited Ban Phu tourism community, OTOP products, Ban Phu district, Nong Sung district, Mukdahan province. Please help everyone to take care of the beautiful community. – Take care of tourists

Today (6 February 62) at 15.30 hrs. At the Community Learning Center, Nong Sung District, Mukdahan Province, General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister and Cabinet Visited Ban Phu community tour, OTOP products, Phu village, production demonstration of 8 Mukdahan tribe communities and 3 Dharma tourism promotion (Dharma, nature, culture)

For tourism promotion, Ban Phu Village, Moo 1 and Moo 2, Ban Pao Subdistrict, Nong Sung District, had an ancestor, a Thai tribe who emigrated from the left bank of the Mekong River in 1844 or over 170 years ago. Ban Phu community is a cultural tourism village. There are activities to support visitors’ visit, such as the Bansi Festival, Phu Thai Dance, Palat Food Learning the silk weaving process Tourism that links various tourist attractions nearby Including homestay accommodation arrangements At present, there is the establishment of “OTOP School in Mukdahan” to be a development institution for manufacturers, community product development operators. Provide quality standards, create jobs, create careers, generate income for people in the area to be sustainable

This opportunity, the Prime Minister mentioned about tourism in Ban Phuwa community. Phu Thai people have beautiful dances Unique dress At present, Thailand has the income from tourism as the number 1, with cultural conservation tourism being in line with the basic way of life of Thai people. Everyone needs to help take care of their own community to be beautiful and livable. The important thing is safety. When tourists come to the community, ask to look after each other like brothers. He will come back again. In which we have 3 unique things: 1. There is a rich natural beauty. 2. Delicious food. 3. Beautiful smile. Impressing people around the world. Local wisdom for generations, generations, grandchildren has inherited, so it is important.

Then the Prime Minister visited and encouraged the manufacturers and distributors of OTOP products and watched the production demonstration of the 8 Mukdahan tribal communities. The Prime Minister recommended viewing online distribution channels to increase sales channels. And to develop innovative products to meet market demand

for the prime minister to worship God is great. 112 year old Buddha statue in the temple, Sri Nantaram Temple And pay respect to Phrakhru Nanthasophit Abbot of Sri Nantaram Temple Before returning to Bangkok

Source: Royal Thai Government

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