Prime Minister visits Driving the prototype of the organic agricultural town of Yasothon to support the organic agriculture And learning resources in organic agriculture for the people

At the Yasothon Organic Learning Center Kham Khuean Kaeo District, Yasothon Province, General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister, witnessed the handover of the nominee’s book to be eaten in the community. In accordance with the government policy in the form of collective conversion to the representatives of the public Which the farmers in Yasothon have gathered together strongly For continuous development of organic agriculture Especially organic rice Can produce the most in the country At present, Yasothon Province Is in the process of driving the organic farming strategy of Yasothon Province 2016 – 2019 covering both crops, livestock and aquatic animals to increase organic farming areas And raise the level of production of organic products to be accepted internationally, as well as to make Yasothon the model of organic development of the country throughout the value chain Supporting the city of organic agriculture Is an organic learning resource for interested people

This opportunity, the Prime Minister said that Yasothon province is a province with potential in organic agriculture. Until being named as the prototype organic city of Thailand Especially the most organic rice production in the country Build a reputation for the province. Until being widely known Regarded as the pride of Yasothon people It is the most accurate development according to “Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy”, which is the royal determination of King Rama IX, Mahidol Bhumibol Adulyadej Boromart, Bophit, in the reign of King Rama 9, which will lead the Yasothon people to live and enjoy. Strong in both body and mind Good health, no toxic substances to the body of both the farmers themselves and consumers. As well as being stable, wealthy and sustainable according to the principle of reducing expenses, increasing income because they eat everything that is grown Grow everything that is eaten Left to sell, save, use Including planting everything the market needs Don’t plant yourself.

In terms of agricultural product quality development The Prime Minister said The government has a strategic plan to develop the national organic agriculture in 2017 – 2021, consisting of 4 strategies, namely, strategy 1, research promotion. Creating and disseminating knowledge And innovation in organic agriculture Strategy 2 Development of production of organic products and services Strategy 3 Developing products and services markets And certification of organic standards Strategy 4 Organic farming Which is all to drive and promote the integration of all strategies for continuity It is expected that in the future, Yasothon province will increase organic farming areas up to 3-4 billion acres.

Which has assigned the Ministry of Agriculture Prepare a clear mechanism to drive the strategy. And prepare guidelines for educating farmers who will use organic farming methods Which the staff have to adjust themselves Keep pace with changes And must learn with farmers Bring knowledge to help find the market and increase more sales promotion channels. To create confidence and quality for agricultural products produced Build trust and build a network with new development partners between farmers and other relevant agencies, both public and private. To provide opportunities for small-scale farmers to make organic agriculture in the local way No chemical fertilizer use Do not use pesticides or chemicals. As well as encouraging farmers to make changes to organic farming The government will help support water management in accordance with the expansion of the province’s organic farms. In the past, Yasothon province has been pushing the water management project. And budget allocation to all projects from 2014 to 2018, while in 2019, there were 94 additional projects, budgeting over 931 million baht, and between 2020 and 2022, there are projects in the master plan. Development that will be provided for the budget in the next phase Including the development of routes and other infrastructure to support the development of the province as well

The Prime Minister said Sustainable solutions in all dimensions require cooperation from all sectors. Especially the people in the area Must cooperate and participate and be responsible for the various achievements that will result in the benefits to the people in a concrete manner and sustainably.

Then the Prime Minister visits the exhibition And take a tram to visit the operations of Yasothon Organic Agriculture Learning Center Development of organic standards And tourism promotion of Yasothon Province

Source: Royal Thai Government

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