Prime Minister’s statement “The situation in the southern border provinces”

Statement of General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister, “Situation of the Southern Border Provinces” (21 Jan 62)

From the situation of violence that occurred at this stage Violent crime groups have attempted to create a self-beneficial situation. And trying to get into conflict conditions Which will make the situation in the southern border provinces of Thailand to international To create awareness both at home and abroad By using the news presentation of the media And social media instrumental While people around the country are paying attention to the political situation in which elections will take place in the near future.

Violent groups have tried to use violence in Su-ngai Padi district. Narathiwat province on January 18, 2019, destroying morale Patience in solving peaceful problems in Thailand Aims to allow the authorities to use force to suppress in full To enter the universal conditions Leading to the operation of international organizations, as had happened in many areas in many countries, society, media, social media and various media should understand this issue And help build confidence Increase surveillance, not support such efforts.

People who are considered weak targets such as teachers, students, monks, religious leaders, the general public Including staff to take care of security All have been taken care of and monitored already. But have to admit that From the number and breadth of the area Including the time of normal people’s lives Making it impossible to care thoroughly Or hundred percent If any area requires special care Requesting the civilian authorities, police officers, military officers, or the Ministry of Public Health, Region 4 directly, as well as asking the public to help, watch and provide information to the authorities as well

However, the government and the NCPO ask everyone to encourage the general public. All religious leaders, teachers, students, including civilian officers, police, all soldiers in the area Because he is in a dangerous area and asks people in the southern border provinces Cooperate with staff Respect the rules Rules set by the Security Department For everyone’s safety, such as setting up checkpoints, vehicle inspection Search for places, etc., as well as requesting social media media to present the news with caution. And political parties, politicians, and campaigners with caution as well With care Protecting people and themselves to get together while taking into account the safety of innocent people. Develop news work alongside appropriate adjustments by the government and the NCPO. Still enforcing the law And fully manage the government as in other areas throughout the country

In terms of peace talks Continue to proceed In order for the world community to know that we have made all measures Not only enforcing laws Which some groups of violent parties may disagree with Therefore creating a violent situation Would like the public and society to understand the measures to solve the problems of the state both domestically and internationally Which past The Islamic Cooperation Organization (OIC) has continuously supported the Thai way. For human rights activists and various NGO groups, asking to understand and take care of both the people And

government officials with the government and the NCPO. And wish all people to be happy and safe

Source: Royal Thai Government

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