Prime Minister’s statement, “Tropical Storm Pabuk” situation

Prime Minister received a report from the National Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Command Center. Ministry of the Interior Come continuously Know that the tropical storm “Pabuk” has a wind speed of around 65 km / h Moving at a speed of 13 kilometers / hour Entered the area of Nakhon Si Thammarat Province Expected to move to cover the province of Surat Thani, causing the southern region to have wide rainfall. Heavy to very heavy rain in many areas Which may cause flash floods Wild water And mudslides

The Prime Minister is concerned about the people. And officers from all departments, including civilians, police, soldiers, volunteers and volunteers By encouraging everyone Please be confident and cooperate with the work as planned. But must be able to adjust Or apply To be consistent with the situation in each area as well To alleviate the suffering for the people as much as possible and thoroughly.

The Prime Minister will monitor the situation and supervise Performance of the National Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Command Center Southern provinces governors in every province And all related agencies Closely and continuously As authorized to proceed To create unity Consistency And the most effective In order to bring the people of the people who suffer from every household to be able to pass the time of hardship Can return to normal as soon as possible

Source: Royal Thai Government

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