Private sector corruption watchdog urges PM to scrap school enrollment by special condition

The National Anti-Corruption Network (NACN), a private sector corruption watchdog, yesterday called on Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha to revoke the current enrollment by special conditions for students in popular and famous public schools with reasons that such enrollment procedure allows school directors to corrupt.

The call by the NACN came after the director of a public school in Bangkok was accused by a parent of a student that he paid 400,000 baht to the director as donation in exchange for his son to be enrolled in the school under the special condition. However no receipt was issued by the school for his donation. The director was later removed, pending investigation.

In the letter submitted to the prime minister via Government House official, the secretary-general of the private sector watchdog Mr Mongkolkij Suksintaranon called on Gen Prayut to conduct probes over parents’ complaints on school graft, in which some parents are allowed to pay tea money in exchange for seats in the famous state schools for their children.

In addition, some schools didn’t announce publicly the scores of the admission exams and the names of students, whose scores are lower but put in the waiting list for enrollment.

Such practice could encourage administrators of schools to keep the seats for students whose parents offer tea money.

Meanwhile some senior officials have misused their authorities to enroll students under special conditions, whose parents donate the money to schools or individuals for their own benefit.

To stop such practices that could lead to corruption, he said all agencies concerned to stop all kinds of school corruption practice and demanded that the 357 highly competitive public schools to disclose the names of students, who were enrolled under special conditions in the 2017 semester and the name of school donors and receipts of the donation money.

If any irregularity is found, all involved in the graft should face disciplinary and criminal punishment.

Besides, he said students who were enrolled under special conditions, related to school corruption should be removed from the enrollment lists.

He called on action by the prime minister if no progress was made by relevant government agencies.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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