Prosecutors split on whether Banyin and Ms Kanthana should be indicted in court

Senior public prosecutors were split about whether former deputy commerce minister Banyin Tangpakorn and his girlfriend, Ms Kanthana Sivathanapol, should be indicted with charges of forging documents for the transfer of 300 million baht worth of the shares of Chuwong sae Tang, a construction tycoon, to both of them.

The split opinions among the prosecutors responsible for the case prompted the suspects’ lawyer, Mr Seksan Senachu, to lodge a petition with the attorney-general, Mr Pongniwat Yutthapanboriparn, to seek clarification about the public prosecutors’ decision on the forgery case.

Mr Prayut Petkhun, deputy spokesman of the Office of the Attorney-General, disclosed that the Bangkok South public prosecutor who has been handling the case had decided not to proceed with the charges against the two suspects in the court.

The prosecutor’s decision not to proceed with indicting the two suspects had the support of the director-general of the public prosecution but was opposed by the deputy director-general of public prosecution who wanted the two to be charged.

To end the stalemate, the attorney-general has assigned one of his deputies to review the case and to come up with a decision, said Lt Somnoek Siangkong, spokesman of the OAG.

If the deputy attorney-general decides not to proceed with the case to the court, the matter will have to be sent to the national police chief for consideration. And if the police chief insists on charging the two suspects, the case will be referred to the attorney-general to decide.

But if the deputy attorney-general decides that the case must proceed with the court, the case must be sent to the national police chief.

Meanwhile on the same day, the widow and elder sister of the deceased construction tycoon lodged a petition with the attorney-general seeking justice

over the case in which Banyin was accused of involvement in the murder of Chuwong.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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