Psychiatrist asks society to understand the frenzied inspector

President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists Identify a case of a fanatical inspector refusing treatment with violent outbursts. It may be due to the thought process or stigmatization of the patient. or may be ill but unaware of it It is not recommended to use alcohol and marijuana to relieve anxiety and insomnia. It must be done in conjunction with a history of violent behavior. and use a large number of psychiatrists to examine

Prof. Dr. Manit Srisuraphanon, President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists of Thailand Referring to the incident, the rave inspector said he wanted society to have an understanding of psychiatric patients. because it is often branded resulting in a lack of understanding of the treatment process From the case of such inspector symptoms of mania After the ambulance came to take him to the hospital for treatment. Which the expression looks like refusing treatment may be caused by 1. stigma in society No one wants to be labeled as mentally ill. It’s not like a physical illness. that people tend to give sympathy and pity, although actually mental illnesses need help and treatment are no different 2. Not knowing that you are sick do not know that they cannot control their emotional behavior Must rely on people around him to observe and 3. Understand that when entering the psychiatric treatment process, there will be a lack of freedom, unlike physical treatment.

The section on observations Found a marijuana device near the inspector’s bed, Prof. Dr. Manit said that it must be understood that when having mental symptoms and the concomitant use of drugs has resulted in more severe symptoms Using drugs causing psychiatric symptoms, including amphetamine (aba) and marijuana, the part identified from the news that this perpetrator had insomnia. Therefore, it is assumed that it may be used to alleviate the symptoms. I want to understand how to treat symptoms both anxious or can’t sleep Psychiatrists will never recommend substance use. Whether it’s liquor or marijuana, the effects of marijuana in the body will last for a long time or not. depending on the specific person When entering the treatment process, they must receive drugs to remove these effects immediately. can’t wait for it to run out by itself because it will be a problem in the treatment process and the burden of physicians If the patient has severe symptoms As for whether this perpetrator would use marijuana or not, he could not answer.

As for why khaki people Or those who have the power to own firearms often before violent incidents and are sick. Prof. Dr. Manit said that there are attempts to solve the problem, including checking the mental state before allowing the possession of firearms. But I have to admit that it’s difficult. Because the mechanism for checking the state of mind is not simple. and cannot be completed quickly and immediately, it takes time, so if the weapon holder has hundreds of thousands of people It takes a large number of personnel or psychiatrists to investigate. and most importantly, mental health checks It must also be linked to a history search of the owner of the weapon. Whether there is a behavior, like to cause crime or commit violence often or not, everything requires money to invest and must be done continuously Which must weigh whether the government agrees or not Because if bringing a psychiatrist to help check the mental health of all firearm holders may also neglect patient care.

Source: Thai News Agency

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