PTT boss vows to punish wrongdoers

The president and chief executive of the state-owned PTT Plc yesterday vowed to punish all wrongdoers found to get involved in the controversial Rolls Royce bribery case.

Tevin Wongwanich, president and CEO, made clear of his stance at the PTT’s board meeting yesterday after PTT became one of the entities mentioned in a different Foreign Corruption Practice Act meeting case filed by the US Justice Department.

He announced that PTT will not allow its reputation to be tarnished by any party involved in the Rolls Royce bribery case and will be cooperating with the National Anti Corruption Commission (NACC) to ensure they are brought to justice.

He said that the case will be an important lesson.

He also revealed that PTT itself will be petitioning the NACC for any information pertaining to its employees that have been involved in the matter since 2003 up to the present.

He assured the public that it’s own investigation has already uncovered a list of names of the individuals that were involved and have sent an official request to the US Justice Department and Rolls Royce for their lists so that they can be compared.

He went on to say that PTT’s own probe focuses on 3 major criteria which are qualification screening procedures, how the bidding was supervised and quoted prices in the bids for the purchase of several Rolls Royce engines.

Mr added that the ongoing investigation will not affect PTT’s own plans for future investment, procurement and expansion.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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