Public asked not to throw leftover food or water into tamarind trees at Sanam Luang

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has appealed to members of the public to refrain from throwing fluid from cooking, trash and leftover food onto the foot of tamarind trees around Sanam Luang in order to save the century-old trees from dying.

In the meantime, the city administration has taken steps to save more than 200 tamarind trees threatened with leftover fluid from cooking, iced water and trash which were dumped onto the foot of the trees.

PVC pipes about 50 cm long and three inches in diameter were sunk into the ground around the foot of the tamarind trees to help drain excess water around the foot of the trees and, at the same time, to help improve air flow under the ground to prevent the roots of the trees from rotting.

Sandbags which were placed on the ground at the foot of the trees will be removed and replaced with curb blocks.

Deputy Bangkok Governor Chakkabhand Piew-ngarm said lime had also been applied to the ground at the foot of the trees to solve the problem of acidic soil.

It will take about 15 days for the job to be done completely for all the 783 tamarind trees around Sanam Luang, he added.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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