Rare fighting fish fetches over 53,500 baht in online bidding

A rare Thai fighting fish whose body has three stripes of red, white and blue similar to the Thai national flag was recently auctioned off by its owner via the internet at the price of 53,500 baht.

The fish owner, Mr Kachane Worachai, an amateur fish raiser, said he didn’t expect his tri-colored fighting fish, named Trairong (meaning three colours) to fetch as much as over 50,000 baht as he started the online bidding at only 99 baht.

In order to get the tri-coloured fish, he disclosed that he cross-bred the male fish with blue colour with the white, blue and red-coloured female fish. The result of the crosss-breeding was the tri-coloured fish � the only one fish with colours of white, red and blue.

The final bidder, Mr Chuchart Lekdaeng-yoo, the executive of tropical fish market in Nakhon Pathom, said he bought the fish at such a very high price because he thought the fish was unique and the most beautiful he had ever seen.

As an amateur photographer, Chuchart said he would take a lot of pictures of the fish and selected a handful of them and then posted a handful of them so that it could be shown throughout the world after which it would be kept for breeding.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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