Safety board to be formed to ensure better safety at construction sites of train projects

Metropolitan Rapid Transit Authority (MRT) has decided to set up a safety board to oversee the safety aspect of all the construction of train projects to make sure that the construction is 100 percent safe and that accidents at construction sites are kept a the minimum.

The safety board is made up of 15 members with MRT deputy governor Mr Pakapong Sirikantharamat to be named the chairman and representatives from the construction companies and consultant firms. The board is expected to be formed this week.

The creation of the safety board follows a series of both fatal and minor accidents at the construction sites of train projects, especially this year. In one of the accidents, three construction workers were killed when a crane collapsed.

Mr Pakapong said on Wednesday that the first assignment of the safety board was to mete out punitive measures against the constructors in case there is an accident at construction sites.

The punitive measures are expected to be completed within a month after which all construction companies will have to sign in acknowledgement of the measures.

Mr Pakapong warned that, in the future, any construction company which does not observe the safety standard or fails to help accident victims may be blacklisted and may have their contracts scrapped by the MRT.

He went on saying that safety standard will be incorporated in future bidding, meaning that companies which have bad record of safety may be excluded from future bidding for mass transit projects.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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