Sarapol General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister on the occasion of the 63rd Teachers’ Day, in 2019

On the occasion of the Teachers’ Day on January 16, 2019, it circled another one. I would like to send my remembrance and goodwill to teachers and educational personnel all over the country that are an important force in the development of national education.

“Teacher” is a valuable person who plays an important role in the national human resource creation process. As a teacher of knowledge and training Cultivate children and youth to have knowledge With good consciousness and values I gave a teacher’s motto. Year 2562, “Teacher Disitdee has progressed to technology”To allow teachers to be aware of their role and role as a good model for students As well as having the strength to develop themselves to have the potential and be able to adjust to the changes of the world society Which I would like to encourage all teachers and educational personnel Who is determined to perform a strong duty in the development of Thai children and youth to be ready to grow as a good citizen and to be an important force in the development of the nation to grow steadily

in the future. And the power of all sacred things As well as honoring the King Please bless the pastors for all teachers and educational personnel. Experience happiness, prosperity and health There is progress in official duties. And achieving the desired results

Source: Royal Thai Government

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