SET enhances listed companies’ knowledge on key rules and regulations via digital platform

BANGKOK, March 11, 2020 – The Stock Exchange of Thailand has digitalized tools

that help listed companies to better understand key rules and regulations via

the initiative “Smart Disclosure Program”. The program, available anytime,

anywhere at and SETLink system, uses motion graphic approach to

simplify complicated issues, making it easy to understand so that listed

companies in this digital era can efficiently apply it to their operations.

SET Executive Vice President Paveena Sriphothong said SET is committed to

continuously enhancing the quality of listed companies. The “Smart Disclosure

Program” features motion graphic format which simplifies important rules and

regulations all listed companies need to know such as information disclosure,

listing status maintenance criteria, significant transactions, executive

interview guidance, and many others. It’s a fundamental understanding needed for

listed companies to efficiently apply to their operation. In response to the

new lifestyle of digital era, the digital platform is accessible at or SETLink system anytime, anywhere. Based on the Single

application concept, the program comprehensively centralizes information,

regulations and practices related to listed companies. In addition, this vital

tool will enhance listed companies’ capabilities in information disclosure, as

well as providing end-to-end process for registrar services.

Furthermore, SET has produced and disseminated the “Disclosure Checklists”, an

information disclosure guidelines for listed companies to disclose their

information accurately and completely, which will benefit investors in making

their investment decision.

For more information about rules and regulations of listed companies through

e-learning under “Smart Disclosure Program” and “Disclosure Checklists”, please

visit Choose “Rules/Regulations” menu. Select “Regulations”.

Then, choose Smart Disclosure Program or Disclosure Checklists, as well as .

Source: The Stock Exchange of Thailand

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