SET-listed companies in THSI list generate positive outcomes to all sectors

BANGKOK, The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) disseminates the "ESG Impact Assessment Report: THSI 2021" highlighting listed companies in theTHSI list, with an aim to trigger all sectors' awareness of the importance ofand promoting toward sustainable b...

BANGKOK, The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) disseminates the

“ESG Impact Assessment Report: THSI 2021” highlighting listed companies in the

THSI list, with an aim to trigger all sectors’ awareness of the importance of

and promoting toward sustainable business operation and long-term competitive


SET Senior Executive Vice President Soraphol Tulayasathien said that SET always

encourages listed companies to take into account the environmental, social and

governance (ESG) aspects in order to secure competitive edge and sustainable

growth, while taking care of the society and the environment on an ongoing

basis. At the same time, SET also promotes responsible investing among investors

so as to manage risks and increase opportunities for good returns in the long

run. Recently, the “ESG Impact Assessment Report: THSI 2021″has been launched

which the case studies of listed companies in the Thailand Sustainability

Investment (THSI) list from eight industry groups, specifically embracing ESG

issues in their business operations, are gathered and showcased positive and

tangible outcomes for all stakeholders.

Notably, this report will benefit listed companies, entrepreneurs, investors and

interested parties to embed ESG in their own business operations and in

investment decisions. Inclusively, this project is in line with the SET’s

vision: “To Make the Capital Market ‘Work’ for Everyone”.

“ESG Impact Assessment Report: THSI 2021” illustrates that listed companies can

integrate ESG issues into their business strategies. In 2021, listed companies

played an important role in reducing negative impact on the environment,

developing employees, suppliers, customers, communities and the society. In

addition, they have strengthened their good corporate governance to ensure

transparency and accountability in their business activities. The companies’

impact and outcome can be evaluated quantitatively and qualitatively as follows:

-Environmental aspect: using technologies to increase the efficiency of

machinery, consuming less energy, reducing waste and reusing resources, to

minimize negative impact and create positive outcomes. For example, reducing

consumption of fossil fuel by 6 million liters and electricity usage by 941

million kilowatt-hours, while using over 814 million kilowatt-hours of renewable

energy and 177.2 million cubic meters of the reused water, and cutting

greenhouse gas emissions by over 15 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent

via production with eco-efficiency and green loans.

-Social aspect: establishing and disclosing human rights policies focusing on

fair treatment and human rights due diligence. Developing workforce skills to

remain competitive in the digital era and prioritizing workplace safety and

health via zero accident campaigns and initiatives to promote good hygiene and

healthcare during the COVID-19 crisis. Community development projects have

improved the quality of life in communities and boosted community dwellers’

income by THB 250 million (approx. USD 7.23 million). Over 14,000 communities

benefited from various projects related to natural resource conservation, while

people with disabilities and vulnerable groups could make THB 10 million in

extra income.

-Governance and economic aspects: cultivating the culture of transparency and

accountability to counter fraud. A total of 111 listed companies joined the

Collective Action Coalition project against corruption. Placing importance on

ESG risk assessment to ensure the readiness to adapt and deal with the

cyberthreats, aging society, and climate change. In addition, improving

suppliers’ cash flow by offering shortened credit terms and developing suppliers

towards sustainable business operations.

Source: The Stock Exchange of Thailand