SET lists first depositary receipt representing overseas ETF on December 18

BANGKOK, December 13, 2018 – The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET)’s first

depositary receipt, DR, representing a Vietnam exchange-traded fund (ETF),

issued by Bualuang Securities pcl (BLS), will be listed on December 18 under the

ticker symbol “E1VFVN3001”.

SET President Pakorn Peetathawatchai said that the listing of DR is another key

development of Thai capital market to connect foreign market and broaden

investment opportunities for investors interested in portfolio diversification

overseas. While this first Thai DR is based on Vietnam’s VFMVN30 ETF, SET

intends to promote more DR varieties in the future.

BLS Executive Director Pichet Sithi-Amnuai said the issued DR will represent

VFMVN30 ETF, tracking the top 30 large-cap stocks listed on Hochiminh Stock

Exchange. The DR’s initial public offering (IPO) held during December 3-7, 2018

managed to raise THB 624.39 million (approx. USD 19 million). We expected that

there will be more investment demand after enlisted on SET.

Depositary Receipt or DR is an investment instrument that represents foreign

company’s securities issued by the commercial banks or brokerage firms with

approval of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). DR enables Thai

investors to have exposure in foreign assets easily through SET. DR trading

could be conducted similarly to securities trading, as such providing

convenience for all investors.

For more information, please see the prospectus at the SEC’s website at; and for general information, please visit, as

well as

Source: The Stock Exchange of Thailand

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