SET News : SET drives “#Investnow” campaign, cultivating savings and investing habits among Thais

BANGKOK, February 21, 2017- The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), in

collaboration with capital market alliances, continues its “#investnow” online

campaign, aiming to promote regular investment plan through stocks and mutual

funds for retail investors.

SET President Kesara Manchusree said, “Currently, only 38% of the total of 40

million Thai workers have retirement savings plan, and some may not have enough

money for retirement. For this year’s “#investnow” online campaign, SET has

joined forces with the Association of Thai Securities Companies (ASCO), the

Association of Investment Management Companies (AIMC), and the Thai Listed

Companies Association (TLCA) promoting the regular investment plan aiming to

build financial discipline for Thais to achieve their financial goals. Trainings

would also be provided for Thai jobbers and undergrad students nationwide.”

“In addition, SET has developed relevant tools and technology to support this

campaign, such as the investment portal which is the hub of information,

knowledge, techniques, expert opinions including financial health check program,

as well as the online application simulation for portfolio management with

historical data, while developing “Settrade Streaming” function to enable

investors to send order of stocks and mutual funds on a regular basis,”Kesara


ASCO Chairperson Pattera Dilokrungthirapop said that regular investment is the

best form of long-term savings for those who are planning ahead for retirement

as it could reduce the financial risks associated with investment timing. This

year “#investnow” campaign, ASCO and securities companies will jointly offer

investment products and services, while presenting new applications, technology,

and advice to facilitate investments.

AIMC Director Somjin Sornpaisarn stated that over the past several years, SET,

AIMC and members has continually promoted saving and investment knowledge to

Thais via various projects, activities, especially the mutual fund campaign.

This year, AIMC and members will help drive this campaign by developing

products, services and investment tools, while using online channel to

facilitate investment information access along with other investment training.

TLCA Director Oranuch Apisaksirikul stated that there are currently 656 listed

companies employing more than 1.2 million people, while there are still a large

number of employees who want to learn more about investment planning. The

synergy of this cooperation will surely help drive the #Investnow campaign

forward proactively, as such cultivating investment habits so that employees can

have financial security in the future.

Source: The Stock Exchange of Thailand

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