SET partners with ESG experts to embrace sustainability for business and education at SET ESG Professionals Forum

BANGKOK, The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) has joined

forces with sustainability-related professional network members under SET ESG

Experts Pool initiative to host the first ever “SET ESG Professionals Forum”,

aiming to raise the bar on quality of the capital market personnel and young

generations by equipping them with better understanding of sustainability

career. SET executives and experts in the area of sustainability joined the

forum to shed light on the changes, organizational restructure and personnel

knowledge and expertise to cater to ESG trends, and exchange views and working

experience in making the transition to a sustainable business.


SET Chairman Prasarn Trairatvorakul delivered a keynote speech titled “Preparing

Future Leader for Sustainability Transformation – How we will build new

generation leaders to create sustainable change” at the SET ESG Professionals

Forum that all stakeholders in the capital market are currently elevating

sustainability as a strategic priority, particularly embedding environmental,

social, governance (ESG) issues into business operations for the organization’s

growth amid changes in every aspect. The trend is consistent with investors’

growing demand in utilizing ESG data to better make informed decisions.


SET has supported all relevant sectors in giving priority and operating

ESG-centric business with responsibility to stakeholders for sustainability

success in alignment with SET’s vision “To Make the Capital Market ‘Work’ for



“SET has seen a significant change in promoting sustainability work for business

units in the capital market. Personnel who are tasked with navigating and

developing sustainability of

organization need to gain both depth and breadth of competency and

understanding. The role of ESG professionals is currently much different from

the past. They are now a key person to support strategic planning for the

organization’s growth, facilitating ESG integration in every business unit, from

those whose jobs once were considered as non-core function,” said Prasarn.


As a result, people within the organization at all levels including directors,

executives, and employees must have a clear understanding of and adapt to a

rapidly changing business environment and global trend. Unlearning, relearning,

upskilling, and reskilling of existing staff; and cultivating a new set of

knowledge, attitude, and qualification to young people are therefore on the

front burner. As such, the educational institution will be originated to build

the new generation.”


SET has been operating SET ESG Experts Pool initiative since 2020 to build a

network of personnel with sustainability careers in the capital market, aiming

to synergize the power of knowledge and collaboration in developing new ESG

professionals and pushing sustainability within the organization and in the

capital market as a whole. At present, SET ESG Experts Pool programme has over

200 members from listed companies, advisory firms, and educational institutions.

Moreover, SET continues to provide knowledge about ESG practices through SET

ESG Academy.


At the forum, ESG Job Landscape was available to demonstrate that ESG is

everyone’s business within the organization to acquire understanding and adapt

to steer organization towards sustainability. The example of ESG works within

the organization are ESG Force, those are involved in formulating company’s ESG

policies and direction; ESG Driver, those who are tasked with setting ESG

strategy and information disclosure; and other jobs that require embedding ESG

concept in ESG Practitioner’s practice to make the transition towards

sustainable organization.


This includes ESG job roles outside the organization that refer to support

functions such as advisory firms, startups, and verifiers. Furthermore, the

forum presents ESG trends and career opportunities in both local and overseas

markets (considered as demand side), as well as preparedness of the education

sector (considered as supply side) that is essential to build ESG professionals.

A video playback of the forum (conduct in Thai) is made available via SET’s

online platform: Facebook & YouTube: SET Thailand.


Source: The Stock Exchange of Thailand

Post Author: web Desk