Silom tops the country’s most expensive land prices

Land price on Silom road remains the country’s most expensive with the latest survey says it is valued at one million baht per square wa. The cheapest land is in Bangkok’s Bang Khunthien district which is valued at 500 baht per square wa.

According to the Treasury Department’s director-general Pachorn Ananta-Silpa, the latest land price assessment throughout the kingdom will become official early next year or January 1, 2018.

He said the most expensive price are lands on Silom road in Bang Rak district which is valued at one million baht per square wa(4 square meters).

The cheapest price are lands close to or within Bangkok that are isolated without entry and exit points such as those in Bang Khunthien district located next to the Klong Luang canal fronting the sea shore. It is valued at 500 baht per square wa.

He said the survey was conducted on altogether 32 million plots throughout the country and these values will become the official land price rates for taxation next year.

After Silom, lands in Ploenchit, Rama 1 and Ratchadamri areas came in second highest at 900,000 baht per square wa.

For the most expensive land price in the provinces, Hat Yai district in Songkhla province has the highest prices appreciating to 400,000 baht per square wa.

The lowest prices are in Khok Charoen district in Lopburi province which is valued at only 20 baht per square wa.

He said these land prices will become the official rates that will be used for property tax valuations.

Currently the National Legislative Assembly is considering amendments to property laws that will take into consideration these new rates.

He added that the Treasury Department has plans to promote investments in state owned properties worth in excess of 90 billion baht.

They include Moh Chit bus terminal project worth 26 billion baht, the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center real estate development project worth 6 billion baht, the Roi Chak Sam Taxation Complex project worth 1.4 billion baht and the 4.6 billion baht Bangkok observation tower.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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