Special Allowance for Frontline Village Health Volunteers Fighting COVID-19

The Cabinet, during its meeting on 30 March 2021, approved special allowance to be paid for frontline village health volunteers fighting COVID-19 for another three months, from April to June 2021.

The Government has given village health volunteers an additional 500 baht per month as a special allowance since 2020 to offer moral support and encouragement for their operations in helping contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 500-baht special allowance is on top the 1,000-baht allowance they receive each month from the Government. There are about 1.05 million people who will benefit from this special allowance, comprising 1.04 million village health volunteers and 10,577 public health volunteers.

At the same meeting, the Cabinet also instructed the Ministry of Public Health to accelerate vaccination against COVID-19 among village health volunteers and public health volunteers in order to reduce their risk of infection, while following up with people who are at risk of contracting COVID-19.

The Prime Minister earlier urged village health volunteers to create understanding and boost the people’s confidence about the advantage and safety of COVID-19 vaccines.

He pointed out that village health volunteers are frontliners who have been working together with the Ministry of Public Health’s family care team and public healthcare workers in an efficient manner. They have earned recognition and praise from both the Thai people and the global community.

In addition, village health volunteers also play a significant role as community healthcare managers in providing knowledge and promoting self-reliance in healthcare among local people.


Source: The Government Public Relations Department

Post Author: web Desk