Spider tickets expected in October to allow commuters to travel by bus, train and boat with just one ticket

The Ministry of Transport has assigned the Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning Office to speed up the issuance of spider tickets which will enable commuters to travel by electric train, bus and boat with just one ticket.

The spider tickets can also be used in lieu of cash to buy products for low income-earners.

Transport Ministry spokesman Jiroot Visarnjit said that the TTPPO had been working with Bangkok Mass Transit Authority, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, State Railway of Thailand, BTS and Metropolitan Mass Transit Authority on the spider tickets, hoping that they can be issued for use in October, starting with the services of Airport Link, Purple, Blue and Green lines.

For the next step, the services will cover boat and train services which are now under construction, said Jiroot.

Spider tickets which can be used in lieu of cash to buy products from companies which join the programme are expected to come into force next year.

On top of that, spider tickets can also be used by the government to disburse social welfare payments to low income-earners under the National E-Payment system.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

Post Author: thailandmirror.com