State Agencies Urged to Improve Information Disclosure to Prevent Corruption

The Cabinet, during its meeting on 9 March 2021, acknowledged a report on results of the Integrity and Transparency Assessment (ITA) in the operations of state agencies for the 2020 fiscal year, submitted by the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC).

It also approved a set of recommendations in the report and sent it to various agencies for further action. In this report, NACC called for urgent improvements in information disclosure and public services through the websites of state agencies in order to deal more effectively with the corruption problem.

It also suggested that financial support be given for the production of online media, or television programs with content featuring knowledge and experiences on the success of organizations and countries in using the information system in disclosing information and providing public services.

The suggestion was made because results of the overall ITA in state organizations need to reach the target set in 2022, under the National Strategy. Public information disclosure would help the ITA reach the target.

NACC reported that ITA is an important policy and a proactive mechanism against corruption. It has been designed to help move the country forward, under the National Strategy (2018-2037) on Public Sector Rebalancing and Development, which aims for a transparent and corruption-free public sector.

The Cabinet was told that a total of 8,303 state organizations across the country took part in the ITA program in the 2020 fiscal year. Their average score was 67.9, which was at the moderate level and was 1.15 higher than the figure of 2019.



Source: The Government Public Relations Department

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