Steady Employment Growth in Q1 of 2017

The Ministry of Labour’s Inspector-General and deputy spokesperson Mrs. Petcharat Sinouey, spoke after the ministry’s meeting explaining the necessity for structural reform, starting with the establishment of a Labour Economics Office. The reform is aimed to align with the 20-year national strategy and the national workforce development strategy. An MOU signing will take place with Thammasart University’s Faculty of Economics on 11 May, working with the Labour Economics Office on studies to provide advice on policy and development for the nation’s human resources. The collaboration will also aim to forecast future labour trends and monitor current situations to continuously update forecasting and work with international labour economic units to monitor and evaluate situations beyond the nation’s borders. Furthermore, an annual seminar will be organized to present academic findings from labour networks.

Mrs. Petcharat spoke about employment under Section 33 of the social security system in the first quarter this year, which found a growth in employment over each month. From December 2016 to January 2017, the growth rate was 1.42 percent, which increased by 1.56 percent in February and 1.71 percent in March; the consistent growth illustrated growth in the business sector indicating overall economic stability.

The Ministry of Labour has maintained cautious of labour conditions, where information is fed by the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare, provincial labour offices, the Department of Employment and the Social Security Office. Information has shown that the production industry requires close monitoring especially in manufacturing, water-animal farming, the automobile parts industry and the electrical production industry. The Department of Employment’s statistics found an increasing trend in the first quarter, there employment increased from 30,645 in January to 33,889 in February and then 37,488 in March. This confirmed the growth of employment in correlation with the number of Section 33 insurers.

Source: Ministry of Labour

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