Summary of the Prime Minister’s issue in the King’s Science Program To sustainable development, Friday 15 February 2019

The Prime Minister said Thai society is a multicultural society where everyone lives together on the land of Thailand. With peace For a long time Under the royal monument Is a democratic country where everyone can live together happily Which if the country is like a large family Which is divided into 3 levels or “3 brothers”. The elder is strong

Ie entrepreneurs or big businessmen, middle-aged children, changing as a group of people with a stable job For the youngest Are low-income people, including farmers, independent workers, workers who are the majority of the country, including SME and Star-up who are starting a new business Still have to rely on promotion from the government Everyone in the same chain must rely on each other. The government is responsible for the care from the source, the middle of the destination, to everyone in this chain. Strong and self-reliant without leaving anyone behind But need to develop themselves, find more knowledge, adjust the information receivers of government information regularly and continuously

over the past 4 years. Affecting economic potential and competitiveness Therefore accelerated the investment in the development of the country’s infrastructure Both inland transportation and rail

Marine, air, communication and information technology Including promoting economic foundations Create economic opportunities for communities, including 1) allocation of arable land and promotion of professional development in 61 provinces 2) Smart Farmer development 3) Rice drainage from rice pledge program 4) Justice By setting up a fair fund Help low-income people to access justice services While giving importance to the development of the quality of life of people Create opportunities for access to various measures such as providing welfare through state welfare cards Application of public money bags to solve the problem of informal debt as well as driving the economic foundation in the area. Under the Thai Niyom Sustainability Project, the establishment of a village and community fund

Health care Has upgraded the National Health Security Fund Increasing the headline rate to 3,600 baht per person, developing the UCEP 1669 hotline system according to the crisis emergency illness policy. There is a right to cure every free 72 hours. Give priority to primary care doctors, including the family doctor team. Focused on prevention and close consultation Community caregiver To prepare for the aging society and bed-sick patients Which will increase more days Not to be burdened with family members, etc.

For long-term assistance measures Focus on promoting the production of agricultural products in accordance with

Market demand Through the development of 4,600 large agricultural plots over the area of 5.4 million rai. Using Agri-Map to adjust the production of agricultural products to suit the potential of the area Market planning, lead production Increase product value of the community through the implementation of OTOP products and promote GI products, create opportunities for business matching. And selling OTOP products on the plane To be known internationally Strengthening the community by having the National Savings Fund (NRC) to support Household accounts and promote community banks or public financial institutions to be local sources of funds Eliminate the problem of not being able to reach the commercial banks, pushing the Debt Collection ActTo protect people from being exploited by capitalists – all influential people for upgrading the foundations Which has also been identified as one of the key points of the 20-year national strategy to accelerate, pushing for the promotion of foundations

At the end of the list, the Prime Minister also said that throughout the past 4 years, the focus has been on care. “National resources”, both “human resources” under the Educational Equality Fund And natural resources such as the reforestation project in the heart of the people according to the King To solve the problem “Mangrove forest resources” that have deteriorated Return the ecosystem to the community And continue to build with the development of eco-tourism destinations for the whole country in the future as well

Source: Royal Thai Government

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