Summary of the Prime Minister’s issue in the King’s Science Program To sustainable development Friday January 11, 2019

General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister, said to the public through the list. “King of Science for Sustainable Development” on the television station of the Special Administrative Region of Thailand On Friday 11 January 2019 at 20:15 hrs.

King His Royal Highness On Children’s Day Annual 2562 for an invitation to be published in a book called Children’s Day “outside the small windows” that “every child should always learn. And behave as a good persondiscipline Because these things will help each person to experience happiness and prosperity And success in the days ahead, ” the speech invites the youth of Thailand leads the life of knowledge of good and disciplined.

The Prime Minister also appreciated Thai students from the Trat Polytechnic College who won the international ice carving competition from China for the 10th consecutive year under the story of Rescue Mission Rivets Thamluang Caves in Chiangrai Thailand, which was inspired by the mission of 13 teams Boar Akad has Mae Sai trapped in the cave of Luang-Khun Nam Nang, Chiang Rai province.

The government launched the National Electronics Library project. By integrating the work of the Ministry of Education National Library And the digital government development office Create a national electronic library system Consists of books and various knowledge media in digital file formatIncluding teaching media That will help teachers to use in the classroomWithout cost And still have established “Online Librarian Team” check the integrity There are data links with agencies from all ministries. And educational institutions will develop a National e-Library to provide an e-Learning to develop the capabilities of students and teachers. To comply with Digital Thailand policy by In the academic year 2019, the Ministry of Education also created an electronic learning form. So that students can download at the Ministry of Education will launch an electronic library of the National Job Children’s Day in 62 to give a gift from the government. For solving educational disparity The government introduced satellite distance education of the King Rama IX, along with various laws such as the Education Equality Fund Act. For access to quality learning materials between urban and rural children Especially the marginal boys who live in remote areas So that everyone has equal rights

The Prime Minister also appreciated the achievements of Thailand. From the European Commission on Environment The marine and fisheries business has announced the statement of release of IUU fisheries in Thailand, which is the only country to be considered. Considered the success of all sectors Since Thailand has “yellow cards” in April 2015 with illegal fishing issues, lack of reports and uncontrolled or IUU (Illegal Unreported and Unregulated Fishing) Concrete, both in the legal framework Fishery management Fleet management, monitoring, control and surveillance Traceability And law enforcement Enabling Thailand to show roles and responsibilities Both as the state of the flag, the coastal state, the state of the harbor, and the state of the market that is at the international level, causing the “yellow card” to be considered a success for Thailand in raising commercial fishing To international standards And ready to be a partnership with the European Union In promoting sustainable fisheries

Both Thailand and the EU have agreed on the future cooperation plan. In order to achieve Thailand ” IUU Fisheries -Free Countries” or IU-U-Free is completely free. The EU has given Thailand a ” ASEAN leader” in resolving IUU fisheries problems by promoting regional cooperation in ASEAN. In solving such problems “together” by establishing a Thai-European Union working group IUU’s anti- fishing program as a cooperative mechanism for promoting sustainable fisheries and as a “ASEAN Chairman” this year, Thailand also plays an important role in bringing neighboring countries into “Fisheries sector reform” by pushing the preparation ASEAN Fisheries Policy ( an ASEAN Fisheries Policy, the General). To have concrete results and the establishment of an ASEAN working group To prevent and suppress the IUU fishing force for theIUU fishing protection mechanism of the region

The Thai government gives importance to Solving fishing labor problems Coupled with the IUU fishing tackle to protect workers in the fishing sector Currently, the situation in the Thai fishing sector is “better” than in the last four years, with Thailand being the first country in Asia. Who have filed the ratification protocol under the ILO Convention on forced labor Last year And will submit the ILO Convention on Work in the Fisheries Sector. In late January this year and is the first country in Asia The Thai government will take full care of workers working on fishing boats in order to make Thai fisheries ethical. And in accordance with Principles of the United Nations In business and human rights

At the end of the program, the King’s Prime Minister also gave encouragement to the staff in the work. So that Thailand can maintain Thai international standards Thai fisheries reform That has completely changed the appearance from the past Can say fully proudly that Thailand, as the world’s fourth largest seafood producer and exporter, is part of “Global Governance” and continues to move forward in fisheries management and law enforcement continuously To eliminate IUU fishing problems and preserve the sustainability of the country’s aquatic resources for their children as well as preventing and solving human trafficking problems And the actual use of child labor in the fishing sector

Source: Royal Thai Government

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