Summary of the Prime Minister’s issue in the King’s Science Program To sustainable development Friday January 4, 2019

General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister, said to the public through the list. “King of Science for Sustainable Development” on the television station of the Special Administrative Region of Thailand On Friday, January 4, 2019 at 20:15 hrs.

The Prime Minister said Happy New Year to all Thai people. Ready to say that the list “King of Science To sustainable development “for the first time of the new year, 2019, which is a Happy New Year” 5th time “that the government and the NCPO bring back peace to the Thai people To be able to live a normal life with happiness Bring the country to the “stable, prosperous, sustainable”. However, the country’s problems are “Structural problems” may need time And management in a new way that we call “Civil state mechanism” allows us to define “20 years national strategy” and “13 countries reform” as everyone knows now.

The Prime Minister continued that Want everyone to get to know, understand and collaborate, think – speak – do what is right and proper In order to not lose the right to be cheated and to maintain their rights The key is not to lead to conflict. Because of the democratic society “We all have freedom. But must be under the legal framework “both” near and far “of each person whom he has already mentioned in this program and every time there is an opportunity Because this government is “the government of the whole Thai nation” must take care of every area, every group, every group, every department. We must not leave anyone behind. especially “Informal Debt Issues” The government can mediate Returning property to around 15,000 people nationwide, with a total value of over 16,000 million baht, more than 11,700 title deeds, total area of 37, 000 rai, which is still ongoing. People who are still facing this kind of problem Please do not hesitate to call “Hotline 1155” at any time.

The Prime Minister added two more important issues that are sustainable in the past.

The first issue is education. Development issues This educational reform Is a matter that every government gives priority to And trying to solve problems in many ways continuously In order to step out of the middle income trap To a high-income countries as a way to fund education equality (CAT Prof.) has provided an information system called Ice – Series I (iSEE)

in the information system iSEE this. information from Big data projects in four main areas it is 1 . information search results and target screening 2. the results of the allocation of grants conditional3. tracking system Conditions for the industry. Army and 4. The system forwards the data to the database.Which the goal of raising the education level under this project “Joint Development School” is to create participation of various sectors in management Develop and support educational institutions

For the second issue, it is about creating sustainability for Thai fisheries. From illegal fishing (IUU) and human trafficking problems Thailand may not be able to deliver fishing products to other countries because he wants to buy quality products, meaning that there is no source to destroy the environment. And not using labor from human trafficking

This government has come to solve the problem. For more than 3 years, the principles of sustainable fisheries Good results for children and grandchildren to earn income by respecting international rules. By maintaining the balance, “3 parts” are fishing boats, fishermen and fisheries. With rules for supporting By setting the framework into 6 areas: legal, fleet management, tracking, control and surveillance (MCS), traceability, law enforcement And labor in the fishing sector Which must be carried out simultaneously

The Prime Minister continued that In terms of changes in weather conditions At present, intensifying We are difficult to control. But can mitigate the effects If preparing and creating good awareness, such as Tropical Storm Pabuk As the Meteorological Department issued a notification Come continuously Currently entering the Gulf of Thailand And landing in the southern provinces of Thailand Causing the southern region to have heavy rain to “very heavy” with increasing water accumulation Until a sudden flood may occur And the sea will have high waves

By the southern provinces Both the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea Affected in a wide range The government has alerted the people. And prepare in all aspects “in advance” by the National Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Command (BMA), emphasizing that each province monitors, monitors weather conditions – the amount of rain – water levels, Assess the situation closely and continuously prepare for the incident Along with setting guidelines for dealing, preventing, correcting and restoring problems To be in line with the risk conditions in each area, as well as preparing to cover all aspects such as relief, food, medical supplies, medicines, fast moving sets Car and rescue boat Backup power system And communication That must be 100% ready to prepare for the response plan, evacuation plan, and the recovery plan after the incident to cover Fast the whole system Therefore asking the people of the people to obey the instructions – the advice of the staff In order to manage this natural disaster Is complete with Everyone is thoroughly and equally cared for. Everyone is safe.

And added that on the previous day, he had the opportunity to meet the King of the Patriarch at Ratchabophit Temple on the occasion of the New Year’s Day festival. Which you gave the book “Look into your mind” for the prosperity of life I saw that it would be very useful. For all people Therefore would like to recommend everyone to read Study deeply, understand and apply. Ready to say thank you and wish everyone, every family, to safely pass the obstacles May everyone be happy during the year 2019 and forever

Source: Royal Thai Government

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