Supreme Court invited to discuss criminal procedure amendment with CDC

Representatives of the Supreme Court will be invited for discussion on February 6 with the Constitution Drafting Committee regarding criminal procedure to be applicable to political office holders in case they escape court trial or refuse to show up in court.

CDC chairman Meechai Ruchupan said Tuesday that the essence of criminal procedure amendment is that the court will be able to hold hearings behind the back of the defendants against the basic legal principle that hearings must be held in the presence of the defendants.

This amendment is meant to get back at defendants who run away from the country to escape criminal proceedings which will render court trial unable to proceed.

Mr Meechai said that this amendment is an extension of the court’s earlier proposal that, in case of an appeal, defendants must be physically present when making an appeal and cannot make an appeal through their lawyers.

The court’s proposal was intended to prevent defendants from escaping or skipping court trial while still capable of appealing through their lawyers to buy time to drag their cases until the statute of limitations of the case expire.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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