Suwapan, the president of the Consumer Protection Committee Meeting No. 2/2562

Today (21 March 2019) 13.00 hrs. Meeting Room 301, Command Building 1, Government House, Mr. Suwapan Tanyuwatana, Minister for the Prime Minister’s Office Being the Chairman of the Consumer Protection Committee Meeting No. 2/2562, which summarizes the following matters:

The meeting acknowledged the operational report, the performance report of the Special Operations Group. Office of the Consumer Protection Board And draft status report Consumer Protection Act (No. ..) BE ….. which the Cabinet proposed And voted to accept the principle of such a bill

In addition, the meeting considered and approved Considering 22 cases of real estate litigation, which has been considered by the Sub-Committee to scrutinize the grievances from 9 real estate consumers Phuket Province, 9 stories. Subcommittee 1 case of Prachuap Khiri Khan Province and 2 sub-committees to scrutinize the prosecution under Section 39 of the Consumer Protection Act BE 2522, divided into 13 cases of prosecution and 9 cases of cases

After that, the meeting considered and resolved to approve the prosecution of 9 products and services, which have been considered by the Sub-Committee to scrutinize the story. Complaints from consumers in general products and services, 1 subject, Sub-Committee to consider and screen complaints from consumers in advertising and services in 5 cases, 1 Sub-committee of Trang Province, 1 Sub-committee of Udon Thani Province and Provincial Subcommittee Prachuap Khiri Khan, 1 story, divided into 7 cases and prosecutions Martin’s point number 2

Source: Royal Thai Government

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