Test run of controversial NGV buses satisfactory

Five Chinese-made NGV buses bought by the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) from Bestlin Group have been put on test run on Bangkok streets during January 19-21 and the test result was satisfactory.

BMTA director Surachai Iamwachirasakul disclosed on Monday that the city bus operator had received the delivery of 291 NGV buses from Bestlin group, the bus supplier, with 110 of them already checked by Land Transport Department, including 70-80 of them having been registered.

Five of the buses which were already registered were put on test run on five bus routes during Janurary 19-21 under the close supervision of the bus acceptance committee, mechanical experts from King Mongkut Technological Institute, Lat Krabang campus and representatives of Bestlin Group.

The buses have passed the test, said Surachai, adding that the test was part of the TOR.

The last batch of 99 buses are expected to be delivered to BMTA on January 24-25 before they are to be fitted with GPS system, checked and registered with the Land Transport Department.

Mr Surachai said the acceptance committee would meet soon to discuss the methods to consider the acceptance procedure. He added it would be up to the panel to decide whether the bus fleet would be accepted or not and whether they are in compliance with the terms set in the contract or not.

He noted that the committee could reject acceptance of the bus fleet if it was confirmed that the buses originated from China and were not assembled in Malaysia with Malaysian local content as specified in the contract.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

Post Author: thailandmirror.com