Thai Food

Thai food is known and loved all over the world for its fiery rich flavour combinations, unique cooking styles and age-old methods of preserving foods, as well as the use of exotic herbs and spices to enrich the flavours and offer nutrition.

The following galleries are to complement the feature article titled: Sharing is giving in Thai food culture, the first of the series that will also highlight dishes unique to each of the four key regions of Thailand.

Gallery 1: Best loved Thai dishes

While enjoying the sights of Thailand’s magical scenery, tourists are also encouraged to try the best loved dishes; such as, Phad Thai, Tom Yam Kung, and the fiery Som Tam salad.

Gallery 2: Sharing communal dishes

Thai food varies greatly from region to region. But at home or restaurants throughout Thailand, Thais enjoy a hearty meal with several dishes served and shared with friends and family.

Gallery 3: Street food

Thai street food has a wide range of tasty offerings and a chance for a quick education of regional favourites. Visitors can enjoy street food at any destination across Thailand.

Gallery 4: Local favourites

There are plenty of unique dishes found around the country.

Gallery 5: Thai rice

The kingdom’s rice is the main ingredient in a huge variety of uniquely Thai products and there are many delicious samples to enjoy.

Please keep checking this page for more pictures of Thai dishes and cooking styles indigenous to each of the major four regions of Thailand.

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